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The Military Geographical Institute The Military Geographical Institute Vojnogeografski institut
Address: ul. Mije Kovačevića 5, 11000 Belgrade,     Phone: +381 11 3205 007,     Fax: +381 11 3205 350,     e-mail: vgi@vs.rs  
Vojnogeografski institut

Military Geographical Institute offers services


Metrology Laboratory

Metrology Laboratory of the MGI inspects geodetic instruments for military usage.

Aerial Imaging

Military Geographical Institute use airplane PIPER SENECA V for aerial imaging. Used camera is LEICA ADS80.

Years of taking aerial images

On demand, MGI can deliver years when aerial imaging was done.

Making and printing maps

Military Geographical Institute has possibility to make and print maps of different scales when ordered. That includes complete cartographic process necessary for making a new map.

Digital orthophoto

The procedure for making digital otrhophoto in different scales is made in MGI.



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